Betta fish can be the pride of its owner. It is brilliant underwater specie and its appearance is just majestic when in full flow. However, it is important to give it a perfect habitat. Betta fish tanks must be well managed for keeping these wonderful pets in full bloom. It is common knowledge how a mélange of diseases can creep up if the pH value, temperature or cleanliness of the tanks is jeopardized in any way.


Betta fish tanks

Those who keep Betta in small bowls must first understand its geography of habitat and related aspects, Betta is also known as Siamese fighting fish. This is because it was first reported from Siam or what is known as Thailand today. Naturally, a fish growing in tropical climate requires heat to live a fit life. If temperature drops below 25 degree Celsius, Betta finds it quite hard to adjust. This argument completely defeats the notion that Betta can be kept in a tiny bowl that is not temperature-controlled.

Bettas should be kept in tanks where water is roughly neutral. In fact, the tanks should have a small tilt towards acidity. Measuring pH value for betta fish tanks thus becomes a very important part of its caring process. Also, it is worth noting that Betta finds fluent water movement to be a hindrance.

This can again be traced back to its natural habitat. Betta does best in shallow ponds and very slow moving rivulets. Obviously, it finds its existence hampered by those collectors who use power heads and strong filters for their water tanks. Ideally, one must try and keep water movement to the minimum inside betta fish tanks.

It is not conducive to keep the male Bettas together in one single aquarium. However, the female specie is not a big troublemaker and can live cordially together in one tank. Generally, Betta is kept in a tank all by itself. About a couple of gallons of water is considered enough for keeping a single fish hale and hearty. If your Betta has suffered from ICK syndrome in the past, it is prudent to remove any rock that you might have kept inside a tank earlier.