Betta Fish Types

Betta Fishes are one of the favorites of all the fishes out there in the industry. Fish lovers have always been crazy about these tiny little color fishes, who are also known as Siamese Fighting Fishes. Although, Betta fish is very common in European countries like Germany, Finland, few Asian countries, etc., the demand for the fish has simply grown in other parts of the world too.

Betta fish is usually bred in variety of types, with different colors, color patterns and tail forms and this experimentation has proven to be highly successful for Betta fish dealers. In fact, many of them still use their creative skills and try to develop the Royal Blue/Green Complex, the double tailed varieties, etc., And guess what? Most of the dealers use absolutely natural and healthy breeding techniques with varied Betta fish types.



Types of Betta Fishes

Betta Fishes are found in several different types depending upon their color, their tail shape, their behavior and a lot. Here are some of the most famous types of this fish:


Have you heard of the Bubblenester type? Well, it is one of the most critical types of Betta fish and the groups contain several different fishes. Bubblenesters are basically fishes that create nests causing floating masses of bubbles, and fishes that build these kinds of bubblenests are known as aphrophils.

Now, there are specific groups of bubblenesters (Betta fishes) and each group contains several different fishes based on the above mentioned factors. Some of the groups are listed below:

1. Betta Bellica
2. Betta Splendens
3. Betta Coccina

Each group is significant in its own ways; however, from my understanding, Betta Splendens are more common than the other two.


Moutherbrooders are the Betta fishes that hold their baby fishes in their mouths and take care of them for a limited amount of time till they can manage themselves. You might find parenting phenomenon among few land habitats like wild cats, etc. This particular characteristic of moutherbrooders has made them so famous that almost everybody, especially children love to have them.
Moutherbrooders are basically divided into two types; namely:

Paternal Moutherbrooder

In parental moutherbrooder, the male usually first takes care of the eggs and even carries the baby Betta fishes in its mouth. Few other examples of moutherbrooder, apart from the Betta, are Ariospsis Felis, Arowana and few Cichlids including Tilapines.

Maternal Moutherbrooder

Unlike the paternal, in maternal moutherbrooder type, the female takes care of the baby fish. From studies, it was found that, there are more number of maternal moutherbroder than the paternal moutherbrooders. Apparently, these are found mainly in African and South American Cichlids and it is rarely seen among Betta.
Moutherbrooder Betta fishes are again classified into several groups; here are some of them:

• Picta
• Pugnax
• Waseri
• Akarensis
• Foerschi
• Patoti-Unimaculata

If you’re a Betta fish fanatic, you would know that these groups have several different Betta fishes. And every fish is equally appealing to the eye and deserves to be in your aquarium.