My Recent Betta Spawns


Picture in your mind what the perfect fish should look like.
This perfect fish has all the good features & none of the bad features.
You can’t get there from here if you don’t know where you’re going.

Breeders Rules

1) Do not breed two fish that have the same bad feature – the fry will be twice as bad.
2) Always breed the best male to the best female unless it violates rule #1.
3) When in doubt follow rule #2


If you don’t care where you end up then you ain’t lost. Ignore the rules


I do sell some of my show quality bettas. I sell my bettas for $35/pr with free USPS priority mail shipping and a 40 hour heat pack at no extra charge. A second female is available for an additional $10. Over night shipping is only $15 more.

Currently I have a limited number of pairs from the following spawns.


Platinum Whites


Red, orange or gold dragons


Single & Double Tail Black & red, Orange Cambodian & Yellow


Spring Spawns – Available in August