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Complete Guide to Betta Fish and Betta Fish Tanks

Are you looking for top quality bettas ? Do you know what to look for and the telltale signs that the Betta is healthy? You wouldn’t want to get sick fish for your aquarium.

Here are some tips for choosing the right Betta fish.

Environment – Ensure that the Betta aquarium in the pet store is clean with no signs of debris or leftover food. Make sure that the water is clean and check for odors in the Betta tank.

Betta physique – A Betta fish has a smooth, even body and scales. These fish also have brightly colored scales so be sure to check on that. Check for bumps or lumps on the body. White patches on the Betta Fish’s body could be a sign of infection so be sure to check on those too. A swollen stomach is another common illness in Betta fish for sale, so check for on those as well. Make sure the eyes are clear, and show no signs of bulging or sinking.

Activity – A Betta fish that is healthy will be identified by bubbles on the surface of the Betta tank. This usually means that the Betta fish for sale is happy and active. Inactivity is not a sign of poor health, but you wouldn’t want a fish that is dormant.


Betta Fish Tanks

Choosing the right Betta fish tank can be challenging, when you do not know what to consider when buying a Betta tank. Below are a few tips when buying a Betta aquarium.

Size – Betta fish are used to living in shallow ponds and streams, so look for a Betta tank that is great in length rather than height. Betta fish tanks can be 5 gallons, but consider the number of Betta fish you have. Females can live together in the same Betta aquarium but two males cannot.

Filters – It is necessary to have filters in Betta aquariums, however, it is recommended that the tank water remains as still as possible since Betta fish despise strong flowing currents. It slows their movement.

Water – The water should not be distilled since Betta fish require the nutrients that are in tap water. Distilled water might be clean, but it is not healthy for this fish variety.

Heaters – Betta fish come from tropical water where temperatures are about 80 °F, so definitely. Betta tanks must have heaters.

Ensuring you get a good Betta fish tank is important because it is where the Betta fish will spend its whole life. Make sure the fish’s environment is comfortable by following the above guidelines and in case of more information, please talk to us and we’ll be sure to help.

Tips on Setting Up Betta Fish Tanks

So you have a betta and now need some advice on setting up betta fish tanks. We will explain how you can set up ay our tank so that your betta will be happy, healthy and hopfeully live a long life.

While many people use a bowl or vase to put there bettas in this is a very bad idea and will drastically affect the health and lifespan of your fish.

The smallest tank size you should consider is about  2.5 gallons Ideally, but ideally you should aim for a 5 to 10 gallon aquarium.

Some Items You Will Need

A filter to keep the water clean, a poor dirty enviornent can lead to diseases and drastically shorten your betta’s life.. The tank filter should have a an adjustable flow.

 A tank heater, and to monitor the temperature of your water also a thermometer. The ideal temperature for your betta is between 75 and 80 degrees F.  If the water is too hot it can breed bacteria and if to cold your betta may become “stressed” Smooth sand or gravel for your tank botton in a neutral color to enhance your bettas color. be careful of using any rough substances as that can harm or tear your betta’s fins.

Tank decorations to enhance yor bettas enviornment and add visual appeal to your new betta tank. Becareful to use only smooth decorations and be sure to add a cave or two as betta’s love to swim through them. Silk or live plants are also a good idea and avoid using any plastic as they may also harm your betta.

Putting Together Your Betta Fish Tank

Ideally you want to place your tank away from any direct sunlight, after finding the ideal spot start placing your sand or gravel on the bottom of the tank and add your tank decortaions. After fill the aquarium preferably with water that has been treated with a water conditioner which you can get at any pet store, after which you may add your plants

Setup and install your water heater and filtering system making sure they are working properly and than finally assemble the hood your betta is now ready for his (or hers) new home!

If you would like more information about setting up betta fish tanks and maximizing your bettas health sign up for our free 12 lesson course that will show you everything you need to know to have the happiest most gorgous betta around!