Dealing with a sick betta does not have to be a heartbreaking experience. Although very beautiful, betta fish are unfortunately very fragile creatures and everyone will at one point or another have to deal with a disease or other problem.

The first step if your suspect that your betta is sick, is to properly diagnose what is wrong and than determine a proper course of treatment.



Here are some common symptoms that a sick betta may exhibit :

  • Eratic swimming mostly on his side.
  • A bloated or enlarged belly .
  • Lack of appitite or your betta fish won’t eat.
  • Large bulged or swollen eyes
  • Dull lifeless color -or color is fading.
  • White fungus around on face around lips and mouth.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Dark red sores under the scales
  • Ragged or torn fins with pin size holes in them.

If your betta exhibits any of the above symptoms than you are likely dealing with a disease or some enviornmental condition that is causing your betta to be sick. In many cases you can reverse the problem and bring your beatta back to health by making sure that the water conditions in your tank are at prestine conditions.

Make sure that ammonia and Ph levels are at zero and that your water temperature is at a suitable degree. Betta’s are native to tropical climates and a temperature of between 74 -78 degrees Fahrenheit is considered ideal. If your water temperature is to cold your fish’s immune system will be weakened and diseases or other problems will begin to occur.

On the other hand if your water temperature is too hot, bacteria will grow and with polluted water you are inviting diesease. Another  thing to remember is that betta fish have an organ that allows them to breathe air directly from the atmosphere, so it is important to make sure that there is sufficient well venthilated space above the water for them to breathe.

Remember prevention and proper care is always the best strategy to avoid having a sick betta fish. But with quick treatment most problems can be easily reversed and your friend can go on to live a long happy life.